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Jessica Chan, MClSc, RSLP (C)

Jessica SK Chan MClSc | RSLP (C)
Founder and Clinical Director


Jessica received her Masters of Clinical Science degree in Communication Sciences and Disorders from Western University in Ontario. 

Jessica has years of practice in rehab and acute care hospitals and is currently working on the acquired brain injury inpatient rehabilitation program at the world renowned GF Strong Rehabilitation Centre.


She is specialized in working with adults who have had brain injury resulting from, for example, strokes, car accidents (ICBC cases), workplace injury (WorkSafeBC cases), or brain tumours. She also has experience in voice therapy, working with occupational voice users (teachers, lawyers, coaches, etc.) and voice disorders as a result from hospitalization. In addition, she has a special interest in providing communication, executive functioning, and voice therapy to those looking to optimize their skills in these areas due to age or daily needs.


She provides a holistic approach to client care, and takes importance in listening to and caring for the client's needs and their goals. She is experienced in working with client's family members by educating them on different diagnoses and how to use communication strategies effectively. 

She is a clinical educator for the UBC Speech-Language Pathology program and supports students in their journey of developing clinical skills and professional development.

Her passion for traveling, learning new skills, and her wide range of interests make her a well-rounded clinician. 

Our Team

former client’s family member

"Thank you for being so kind and patient. It’s been so hard since my husband had a stroke. I’ve learned so much about aphasia and how to help him practice at home."

former client’s family member

"You are so creative in finding ways to get my husband back to being himself."

former client

"Thanks to you, I got my voice back!"
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