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We are dedicated to delivering high quality and effective treatment in your home or online.

We put you first!

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Our specialization is helping adults improve speech, language, voice, cognitive-communication, and social communication. We take a holistic and compassionate approach to client care and take importance in listening to and caring for your needs and your goals. Our practice is also rooted in team collaboration. We involve spouses, partners, and family members to work as a team throughout the process.

We strongly believe that with the right customized treatment plan, evidence-based therapy, and support, you can reach your highest potential for success.

You will have more confidence and improve your communication skills in any situation that is meaningful to you.

If you are not sure which treatment is right for you, we're happy to chat. Your first call is free!

Affiliated Associations

EG, former client

"...I feel so very lucky to have met you and to have had you as my very talented Speech Therapist. Thank you very much for being so patient, encouraging and talented not to exclude you being so much fun and making me laugh…"

CZ & VZ, former clients

"謝謝你這段時間的幫助,讓我們感受到很多的溫暖,也讓我感受到你發自內心的想幫助每一位病人。你的微笑,溫柔的語氣,耐心的態度,使我們每天都很期待去上語言課。Thank you very much for your help!"
Translation: (Thank you for your help during this time. We felt your warm nature, and your desire in wanting to help every patient from your heart. Your smile, warm demeanour, patience, led us to look forward to going to speech therapy daily.)

SL, Family member of former patient

"Many people have skill and expertise, but it's hard to find someone that also has passion in caring for their patients. At the end of the day, that's what matters. Thank you for showing compassion, patience, and understanding to my dad and family."

Worksafe BC logo
ICBC logo

WorkSafeBC provides coverage for individuals with injuries that occur as a result of a workplace accident

ICBC may provide accident benefits and reimbursement related to rehabilitation services for individuals with injuries

If you have a claim with WorkSafeBC or ICBC and are in need of speech and language services, I can support your recovery in speech, language, cognitive-communication, and/or voice. 

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